In collaboration with the environment, the bovine hides used in the handbags are worked from vegetable dyeing (mercury free), their skins are also cut and molded with an original system friendly to nature, as well, each one of the cases used to stock LIRA FERRER handbags are made from recycled cardboard, the jewel is made in gold or silver by hand one by one, along with different applications in natural fibers in a handmade way as is the veneering in wheat fiber among other materials, being the social responsibility and care of the environment part of the DNA of our brand.

In its social commitment the brand LIRA FERRER provides support to the Wounaan community through the program “MALNUTRITION AND NO EDUCATION, LOSS OF POPULATION”, promoting in it solutions as to the primary needs of said community.

*Indigenous artisans making appliques with natural fibers.