News in Colombia

Invitation of the mayor of Coral Gable, to the Mayor and Chamber of trade and businessmen of Cartagena, between them Lira Ferrer.

Launch of the Handcrafted Lounge of Bolivar in Cartagena


The Colombian Lira Ferrer, thanks to its unique and innovative designs, has received awards and awards from important entities in the country, among which are:

Plan of support of internationalization of the brand Lira Ferrer

Award for the Chamber of Bucaramanga’s trade inside the frame of the project ” Model of institutional joint for the internationalization of SMEs of the Andean region TO – INVEST the IVth CONSORTIUM CAN”.

Award to the innovation in Bolivar

Nomination to the prize to the innovation of Bolivar in the category of innovative product, granted by the Government of Bolivar, Mayor of Cartagena, SENA, Colciencias and the Chamber of Trade of Cartagena.

Mention on the part of the Department of trade, industry and tourism of Colombia.

This mention was granted as innovative product, for being the first brand of handbags in having emeralds.